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Manitoba's Climate and Green Plan.

Climate change is a serious and growing issue in Manitoba. We are already feeling its impacts through changing weather patterns, more severe storms, and changes in the incidence and severity of flooding. In the years ahead, it will affect our communities, farms, businesses, and natural spaces.

Manitoba must do its part within Canada to help fight climate change while growing our economy.

The ties between our province’s economy and our unique environmental circumstances are strong.

We have a strong foundation to build upon as we pursue our clean, green Manitoba advantage.

Our Made-in-Manitoba plan will allow us to prosper while we fight climate change. It will build upon the investments in clean energy that make us one of the greenest provinces in Canada.

Respectful relationships, productive consultations and collaborative efforts are all vital to the conservation of our province’s precious natural resources and reducing our reliance upon fossil fuels.

That's why the Manitoba government is developing a Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan to:

  • reduce carbon emissions causing climate change
  • adapt to climate change impacts
  • preserve wetlands and vulnerable ecosystems
  • integrate water and land use
  • build new clean economy growth
  • foster sustainable living opportunities for people and communities

Submissions accepted until March 31, 2017

Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan Survey