What is the Bed Bug Grant Program?

The Bed Bug Grant Program is a $200,000 initiative designed to provide assistance to community organizations on bedbug education, treatment, management and prevention.

Who is eligible for the Bed Bug Grant Program?

Community-based, non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for financial assistance in the form of a grant.  The Canada Revenue Agency definition for non-profit organizations will be used.

How much assistance is available to organizations?

Qualified organizations will be eligible to recover costs related to bedbug treatment and prevention to a maximum of $2,000.

How will qualified organizations be compensated for their costs?

Applicants will be required to submit receipts in order to be reimbursed.  Receipt must be directly related to the cost of treatment or prevention.  Only receipts dated after the grant application has been approved will be eligible for payment.

What types of bedbug treatment and prevention activities are eligible for grant funding?

Activities and expenses may include, but are not restricted to:

The costs associated with hiring a professional pest-control firm to treat bedbugs or inspect for them.

Purchase of non-chemical controls and products used to prevent bedbugs such as mattress covers, storage containers, monitoring traps and double-sided sticky tape.

Please note:  
Self-treatment, if applied incorrectly, can be costly and ineffective and can lead to a spread of bedbugs to unsuspecting neighbours.  Professional extermination services are recommended.

Purchase or rental of equipment utilized for bedbug prevention and control.  Examples include industrial strength dryers, vacuums and spot steamers. 

If there are questions about the eligibility of any treatment or prevention activities being planned, call the bedbug hotline.

How can my organization apply for a grant?

Download an application now or call the bedbug hotline toll-free at 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-855-362-2847) for assistance.

What is the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

The program offers a wide variety of specialized bedbug specific materials to qualifying organizations at attractive prices to combat bedbug infestations.

What materials are available in the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

Materials include bedbug-proof mattress and box-spring covers, insect monitors and record keepers, insect interceptor traps, dissolvable laundry bags, bedbug warning stickers, educational handouts and clear-view bedbug monitors.

Who will have access to the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

The program will be phased in to ensure supply meets demand.  It will initially be available to the Manitoba Camping Association, the Manitoba Professional Property Managers Association and other qualifying organizations.